Mind spaces

My vision: Creating space to allow people diversity in their ways of thinking, where they can grapple with theories or assumptions (hypotheses), fearlessly challenge the established truth, develop ideas and approaches of their own, fight with each other for meaning and significance and, at the end of the day, emerge, declaring:

„This is what I stand for. I am keen on trying exactly this because this is me! It makes sense and it means a lot to me and I firmly believe that it will work!“

Find significance yourself.

Experimental learning is a method - assuming responsibility for your thinking and actions is an attitude.
Both are important and cooperate productively.
In the end, making a difference is personally important to me - both for the individual and the community or company.

Getting away from „right or wrong“ towards „anything is possible.“

There is today and, there is what becomes possible tomorrow.

We can make a difference.

Precisely this is what I want: training and encounters that make a difference because they make sense and create a meaning.

Passionate, challenging, demanding, empathetic, and with all my heart, in a good sense for the people.