As a trainer, I follow Konfuzius´ philosophy: “Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand.”

Today, we are calling this experimental learning. I assist you in finding new solutions yourself through experiencing, exploring, reflecting, and verifying, so you can adapt them to your situation and tighten them there.

Experimental Revolution - Now it's your turn.

Learning with each other, making experiences yourself, sharing attitudes and finding a new or different solution together is a lot of fun and sustainable.

It is my personal concern that the solutions and answers come from the group. The knowledge and expertise is 80% in the group. It needs a confidential framing, time to express, look at, reflect and find a sustainable solution. To use resources profitably, to promote solution-oriented self responsible thinking and to increase the motivation of each individual through an individually felt value. Giving meaning to your role and task and recognizing the sense of the meaning you feel.
All trainings are developed and adjusted according to your individual needs – classroom training, virtual classroom training, workshops, team events, training on the job, coaching including telephone coaching, consulting, Lumina Spark Profiling.

Training topics & focal points

Your way is my way