Somatic Coaching – embodied mind

As a certified somatic coach and certified biosynthesis therapist I will guide and support you in discovering and developing your resources and qualities to stay resilient and flexible. It is all about solutions - not problems.

Apart from the classic coaching process, somatic coaching includes the so-called somatic markers, using physical impulses as landmarks. Our cells memorize anything we have learned or experienced, and this physical memory offers a vast potential of opportunities to work out solutions.

A SENSUAL and solution-oriented work from the here & now.

It is about your personal solution - not the problem.

You are the expert for the problem and the solutions. As a coach I am the expert for the way to find the solution. I support you in finding individual solutions and am free of intentions and values. This is done through various interventions and process support tools (mostly question techniques, landscaping, externalization, detotalization, competence models, reflection-tools etc.). Somatic coaching additionally includes the somatic aspect as a potential finder. Our body knows more than we can cognitively remember and verbally express. Unconscious reactions of the body provide helpful information that is excellently suited for finding solutions. All information, everything experienced and learned is stored in the cells. This so-called body memory is not lost and offers us an undreamt-of potential of possibilities. The coaching process is goal-oriented and can be evaluated on the basis of concrete goal criteria that have been worked out with you. Your concern is my mission.

Away from the "grandiosity" of wanting to change everything, towards the effectiveness of a first concrete step on your own responsibility.
(Paul Lahninger)

Somatic coaching combines the systemic-constructivist basic idea with classical coaching methods and the teachings of Biosynthesis®.

Coaching formats:

Your way is my way