meiway – Christiane Meinicke

What do I enjoy?

Eating Spaghetti ice-cream – summer feeling
Mom's semolina dumplings with stewed plums – being at home
Standing on top of a mountain breathing deeply – vision and relation
Deep powder snow, sunshine, and blue skies – the pure joy of life
Running until my muscles burn and relax afterward – being in balance
Meditation - Breathing - Yoga – time to nurture the soul
Music - fireplace - a good book – (enjoying) time for myself

What I stand for:

Motivating - authentic - empathetic - affectionate - honest - reliable - courageous

Life begins outside of your comfort zone... What is it that you want indeed?

Me - Christiane: Once a competitive athlete - now a coach

My motto: Let’s keep moving!

What I learned as a competitive athlete at a very early stage: never stop, continuously try something new and build on your achievements.

Get motivation from your gains and even pains and be open to new opportunities that may arise.
Boost your talents and benefit or even profit from them for your personal growth.
Certainly a challenge, this offers a perfect opportunity to connect with liveliness and the variety that life has to offer.
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, well-elaborated questions are irresistible to the mind, and the body already knows the answers.

Seeing people grow is a source of great joy to me:
in their personalities
in their potential
in their essence

Yes, changing things or habits requires courage.
I am at your side and will support you in developing your entirely individual solutions and putting them into practice.

In my 27 years of experience as a supervisor in operations at Lufthansa German Airlines and as a trainer for executive managers both in Germany as well as internationally, I have realized how important and challenging it is to be an executive manager.

Environments are constantly and rapidly changing: mobile offices, intercultural and often virtual teams, generational transfers, and new requirements due to globalization. And, even so, staying in empathetic contact, leading people individually, ensuring a good structure and culture of communication, motivating your team, developing new ideas, and, on top of that, managing yourself. Those are the pressing challenges for leaders, as well as employees and us human beings in principle.