Profiling with Lumina Spark

Lumina Spark is an innovative tool for personality development that is based on an online questionnaire. A total of 144 questions measure individual behavioural preferences that are listed in the qualities of the Lumina Spark model. The scientifically validated questionnaire is based on the Big Five model and the ideas of Carl Gustav Jung. Answering the questions is straightforward and takes 15 to 20 minutes.

The results generate an accurate, comprehensive portrait that analyses individual strengths and leverage points for practical development. This can be employed to identify and improve personal performance, communication and cooperation within teams. Every portrait is individually compiled and clearly illustrates its results in an easily understandable combination of text, visual elements and colours.

Lumina Spark is unique in that it avoids stereotyping, which is typically employed in other typologies. It individually measures 24 opposing qualities to provide an accurate and nuanced reflection of our real and often contradictory behaviours. This allows the opposite poles of a personality dimension – for example, extraversion and introversion – to turn out to be equally dominant.

A particularly rewarding aspect is that Lumina Spark identifies behaviour in different situations. Which qualities make up our personality? We may not reveal these natural qualities to everyone, but they do provide a high degree of motivation. Which qualities do we bring to our everyday working environment? These qualities, which we consciously use, can be an indication of how other people see us. How do we react under pressure?

In the course of coaching sessions or team workshops, Lumina Spark enables managers and employees to learn more about who they really are. This offers an opportunity to reflect on one’s behaviour and manage it according to the demands of the situation. In addition to this it provides insights into the diversity of human behaviour that allow better understanding and appreciation of what others do and why. In team workshops Lumina Spark promotes the essentials of dialogue that enable team members to speak a common language and provide appropriate input. This innovative tool is therefore a particularly suitable instrument for the development of professional relationships in the working environment and for facilitating significant improvements in the quality of teamwork and performance.